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Scandalrecords VÖ5 : Schnallen Schnauze
Scandalrecords pres. the latest release „Schnauzen Schnalle“The scandal-artist Danny D. combines two essential aspects in his track: Plush and Power!With the magic of monotony, a grandiose beat and his personal interpretation of modern Techno, without detours Danny D. get it to the point. „Snouts buckle“ works best in the clubs.

scandalrecords – “underdosen”

Scandalrecords VÖ4 UNDERDOSEN : Dosenfutter & Dosenschall Knock knock! Who`s there?- Ah, it`s you!-Come in! Step deep inside!We defy the „try to tame you“!Our reply is 3-ply: produced by Danny D. and Dinsher & Husler!
Once again we pick up the sound-scent and release Underdosen!We set our emotional lives of the last fucking month to music.Rather, behind the Sandalrecords scenes – amazing things going on: Ja! Ja! Come closer! The likes of us stubbornly continue to dream.
And so: we find our identity in music! Underdosen processed technical know-how and a crispy energy with dynamics from lustily laughing excitement till a darkly staining pout!Dosenfutter is full of realness: it is the reflector of our gained inner battle and the rediscovery of the “big-thing-with-the-red-bow“.
The track grips well! The special depth and warmth build a singular contrast.
Authenticity touches you! Not pushy! But tremendously! Dosenschall is created by the principle of pleasure.Exactly! It purrs! It hums! It numbs the shades inside you! Enthusiastic sound sculptures: spread in your body and your mind and bubbling to the final scene.
Oh yes! We are the ones who produced underdosen!

Marc Miroir „Hitting Home“ (Paso Music)

Hitting Home‘ is a dream come true. In the life of Marc Miroir who is on tour every weekend and every holiday of the year, ‚Home‘ gets an extra meaning. It is in front of the crowded dance-floors he is at home. Here he knows best what buttons to push. Like he does in the studio: after consequtively outstanding and widely played releases on LevelNonZero, Bondage, Trapez ltd., Greatstuff of course on his own imprint Paso Music, Marc Miroir is about to release his DEBUT album „Hitting Home“. For this highly anticipated first album, the release is set for May 2012, and will contain 10 brand new and exclusive tracks, with some magic tricks in the hat ( Hard Ton, Kiki Moorse, Andreas Henneberg, Integer, Asem Shama, Ronald Christoph ). „Hitting Home“ will be available in a deluxe physical CD package, and to break in the brand new gear, two 12 inch vinyls with remixes from Einzelkind and Karotte will be released in February and April.

scandalrecords – „scandal story“


Scandal Story

The scandalrecords release „Scandal Story“ comes with two functional tracks which enables the electronic music scene in excitement. The A-site kicks off with „Fesselfete“: The designers of the track:  Jörg Dinsher and Julia Husler- implemented a rhythmically complex track with their first release.
Detached from insipid song-structures,  the galloping beat leads through the eight minutes of the track.
Shifting Hi-Hats and smacking beat-elements,  snuggle around the groove and influence in a spectacular style the sensed speed.
Increasingly from bar to bar,  the beat raises contumaciously and integrates in a confident mood the two breaks.
„Fesselfete“ swells from moments of rebellious tension into a massive force.Light harmonies – with a fairly independent life of its own- intelligently support the clipped speech-Vocal.
The extra bass- pressure catapulting the “ full of character“  „Fesselfete“ directly to the floors of the clubs, where it scores with memorable features and powerful impression.
The -second- A-site comes with Danny D.´s enthralling ?Leder Peter?.Danny doesn`t dilly-dally and starts ?Leder Peter? with a bulletproof beat.
An atmospheric mood and a deep bassline creat the perfect balance between crisp and soft.
He succeeds in creating a wonderful and intelligent transparency.
The spell of monotonous passages gets an individual boost from a fantastic kick.
Unerring with well-aimed noises- apparently at a canter – „Leder Peter“  generates a sparky – stunning effekt and convinces as a whacking great production á la Danny D.